Tired of calorie tracking websites that are slow, full of adverts and have incorrect nutritional information?

So were we. So we made

Easily track:

Water Intake
Vital Statistics
...and anything else you want to using our
simple CustomTrak system!
Want to track your height? Waist? Bicep size? No problem. Use our simple custom trackers to easily record any data you want every day. You can also cross reference this data against everything else to see exactly what's going on.

Meal Creator

Our database has tonnes of the most popular foods and it's also quick and simple to add new foods. You can even create "meals" and instantly add multiple ingredients from regularly eaten foods with just a single click!

Advanced Stats

Instantly access graphs and cross reference weight against protein, carbohydrate, fat intake, etc. See averages over 7 days to help find your maintenance level and make sure your diet is doing what you want it to do.